ZEN is an Open Network for Storing and Moving Money.




Why the Need for Zen Coin?

In today’s digital world, where everything is automated, we are still stuck in the Dinosaur era of payments. Sending or receiving money from one person to another involves plenty of intermediaries and endless hassles. What if any person in the world could send funds to any other person at any corner of the world, directly, without involving anyone else?

This is what Zen Coin aims to do. We have huge goals – to potentially replace existing fiat currencies and emerge as the digital currency of the future – and, we have the technical expertise to achieve that.

Zen Coin, a private Decentralized cryptocurrency, a peer to peer network built from the scratch of blockchain and digital ledger concept. The digital future belongs to blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart tokens and decentralization which is inevitable. With Zen Coin secure high crypto market cap, share money digitally and securely or exchange with other goods and services. The Zen Coin has the potential to replace fiat money.